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Our New National Commercial

Next LIVE Webinar: 
"The POWER of Roth Conversions"
Wednesday, September 22nd, 7PM EST.
(Can't make 7pm? Catch the replay at 10pm EST)

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What Are Webinar Attendees Saying?


George Elias, CPA

Paragon Tax Advisory Services, LLC

Brett's webinars are a great way to understand the impact of taxes on your retirement income. I tell all my clients to attend his webinars.


Thomas O'Connell, Managing Director

Redwood Tax Specialists

You'll learn more in 1 hour from these webinars than what you've learned from the last 10 years watching CNBC, MSNBC and Fox News combined.


Gary Sickles, CEO

Safe Harbor Retirement Group

I have been helping people financially prepare for retirement for more than 22 years and I say without hesitation... anyone retired, or retiring soon, should absolutely attend these webinars. 

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