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Learn How These 3 Factors Will Fuel a
Retirement Perfect Storm


Higher Taxes?

Where will the government get the money to pay the interest only cost of the national debt? This is one of the most important topics we cover in our webinars.

Market Bubble

If you are wondering when, and not if, the market bubble will burst, our webinars will help you plan for "the when". 

Investment Behavior



Will your investment behavior cause you to follow the markets to its next bottom? These webinars will help you understand and correct that dangerous behavior.


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How will the Exploding National Debt impact your Retirement?

Brett Saso, Sr
CEO & Founder of Retirement Architecture

Are you in the Virginia Beach area?
Attend our in person seminar and meet Brett!

Tuesday, March 28th 6p.m.
The Founders INN 
5641 Indian River Road
Virginia Beach, VA, 23464


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What Are Webinar Attendees Saying?


George Elias, CPA

Paragon Tax Advisory Services, LLC

Brett's webinars are a great way to understand the impact of taxes on your retirement income. I tell all my clients to attend his webinars.


Thomas O'Connell,

International Financial Advisory Group, Inc

You'll learn more in 1 hour from these webinars than what you've learned from the last 10 years watching CNBC, MSNBC and Fox News combined.


Gary Sickles, CEO

Safe Harbor Retirement Group

I have been helping people financially prepare for retirement for more than 22 years and I say without hesitation... anyone retired, or retiring soon, should absolutely attend these webinars. 

Calling a Super Bubble - Front Row With Jeremy Grantham

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